When to not use Google or StackOverflow in coding!

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In the real world if you ask a question from an ordinary person of the 21 century and if that person did not know about answer then he/she will immediately ask your question from you again and will not think any more about (easy peasy)!!! This is the worse reaction when a person doesn’t use the mind in problem-solving.

Exceptions and Errors

Assume that we used an SDK, Programming Language, Framework or any kind of software that have considered Errors. Imagine getting an exception like “arrayoutofboundsexception” in Java then normally people will just google it and open the link:

An occurred exception in Java.
Array out of bounds exception.

Can you find your problem’s answer?

Mostly the short answer is yes but how much time you spent? because in this case, you should read other questions why? because your code is different than others and you will be stuck because you have not checked your code then you should take a look at other question that is related to your question and so on and so forth.

So the final answer is that it’s a waste of time and it does not worth why!? It’s easy just write your searched times somewhere that will be a lot in a month.

You may ask what can I do then!?

The answer is related to the mindset of using a brand new thing and consider that before using something you have to learn it or read it’s instructions, that means you need to read a Java reference before using it step by step! Finally, if you searched kind of exception/errors then you should reconsider and stop coding in this way.

Duplicate problems

People who post their questions on QAs or on the Internet think they have a new problem but in the most of cases, there are lots of duplicate questions that means these people did not check other questions before! That means don’t ask a question that somebody/you did before and remember your past problems and solutions that were close to the current one.